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Vivacious Valletta

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Night view of Valletta from Sliema (Malta)

Valletta is Malta’s capital city, built in the 15th century on a peninsula’s edge. It is known for fine palaces, museums, and grand churches.

Historical Buildings

It has two important historical buildings, namely the old Basilica di San Nicola, one of the best-preserved churches globally, and the Gothic fortress of San Nicola.

Other sites of historical importance include the Royal Palace and the Basilica of San Andrea. In addition to this, many magnificent villas and condominiums have been built in Valletta to be a perfect place for people who love to live in luxury. Apart from the significant historical sites, Valletta has plenty of recreational activities like museums, art galleries, golf courses, sports clubs, and other recreational centers.

Amazing Beaches

One of the main reasons why this little country has turned out to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world is the presence of some of the most stunning beaches in the world. There are many of them, all with their charm and different styles.

If you are into water sports, then you must visit this beautiful island. One of the best beaches in this city is Costa Calida, located right in front of the old town. This beach is surrounded by magnificent villas that are built around this lovely stretch of beach.

Ancient Fort

Another one of the famous attractions of this city is the beautiful and ancient fort. The Knights of Malta built this fort, and it is one of the best examples of early architecture. Its history dates back to the eleventh century. The ruins of this ancient fort still stand, and you will find several things to see and do on its ruins.

One of the more popular tourist attractions of this city is the La Valletta Cathedral. This beautiful building has been one of the biggest tourist attractions on the island. It was made by the architect Bernice Gaeta. And was the tallest cathedral in Europe at that time. The forces of the Islamic State destroyed it during the Second World War.

There are also many shopping malls in this city, so you can browse through all the luxury items that you want while relaxing on the sandy beach or relaxing by the poolside. Valletta’s good thing is that you can see everything you want in this city without too much trouble.…

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Visiting The Grand Prismatic Spring

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The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park is arguably the most beautiful hot spring on Earth. It is situated within the Midway Geyser Basin, located in Yellowstone National Park.

This amazing geothermal feature reaches a boiling point as high as 795 degrees Fahrenheit. These extraordinary temperatures have attracted many tourists to Yellowstone, especially to see its brilliant colors.

If you ever wondered if you could see a rainbow in the Grand Prismatic Spring, the answer is yes. You can literally see every color in the rainbow in this spectacular spring.

I recently had my warehouse floors transformed with epoxy paint. When the owner of Xpedite Coatings was showing me the different colors and designs to choose from, my mind went immediately back to the Grand Prismatic Spring’s rainbow colors.

Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail

I want to share with you a secret about visiting the Grand Prismatic Spring. You do not want to see it at ground level like the people are doing in this image, but instead, you want to take a little hike up the trail to see the spectacular view below.

The bad news is that parking is minimal, but it’s well worth waiting for a spot. My suggestion is to get to Grand Prismatic Spring very early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

The other bad news is that the trail is a pretty good incline, so those with health issues or using a wheelchair will experience a challenge getting to the top. But trust me, it’s worth the pain to get here as the view below is nothing like you have ever seen before.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an almost 3,500 square-miles of wilderness home to spectacular canyons, alpine lakes, rugged mountains, lush forests, hot springs, and other wildlife species.

It is also home to many plants and animals, ranging from buffalo to grizzly bears. The park’s many wildlife species make it unique among national parks, and the diversity of the animals makes it one of the most popular in the country. It is not unusual to see elk, bighorn sheep, moose, bear, and deer.

Camping in Yellowstone

We camped at Yellowstone, which, in my opinion, is the best way to enjoy the park. We stayed at the Bridge Bay Campground, located at the south end of the park. With crisp flush toilets and running hot water, you won’t have to compromise modern conveniences to enjoy incredible views of the Yellowstone River and the Absaroka Mountains.

In addition to restrooms and running water, this campground also has a playground, a swimming pool, an exercise room, a fishing pond, and a small restaurant. You’ll also find an information center with maps, brochures, and even a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Other amenities that are offered at this campground include electricity, a barbecue grill, and an ATM machine. You’ll also find cabins and campsites within the campground. All campgrounds have access to a restaurant, gas station, and restaurants to stay well-stocked on food and drinks while you’re enjoying your trip to the park.

Depending on how long you stay, head over to the Jackson Creek Campground. This campground is less than five miles from the entrance of the park. Here, there are numerous cabins and campsites available to rent, and the site features a picnic area. There are also a playground and running pool. There is no ATM in this campground, but the restaurant has free wireless internet. You can also get free Wi-Fi access if you connect using the internet connection at your campsite.…