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Bay of Fundy

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The Bay of Fundy (French: Baie de Fundy) lies between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, with a small portion touching Maine.

It has a lot to offer its visitors, including fantastic scenery, historic sites, and the Canadian Arctic’s natural beauty. It is also known for its high tides. These underwater coral formations are known for their distinctive rainbow hues and are a great place to get away from it all.

Profusion of Colors

The Bay of Fundy is one of those places where the landscape and climate are often in harmony. It’s a place that features some of the most transparent, cleanest water around, and it is also very much part of a temperate zone. It’s a place that’s perfect for kayaking in spring and fall and some extraordinary year-round adventures.

Each year, more than 100 billion tons of seawater rushes in and out of the waters of the Bay of Fundy each tide—more than twice the combined flow of all the world’s fresh rivers. And while the water level on low tide is usually less than four meters (13 ft) high, it can rise to as much as sixteen meters (52 ft) high during high tides. That’s because tides bring in large quantities of debris and sediment from the ocean and the deep and then discharge them back into the basin on the other side of high tide. As a result, the waters of the Bay of Fundy are always rich with marine life and teeming with large quantities of sediment.

Different Types of Tides

But because the tides are different at different times of the year, there are different kinds of tides. High tide is usually the first of four high tides each year, but if the high tides are not entirely on time, the next time they happen is a low tide, which has the same effect. This type of tide is known as a period tide and can have very dramatic effects. The tides may draw away debris from beaches or cause erosion of beaches. Other effects of these tides include flooding of sandbars, the breaking up of sandbars, and the building up of large amounts of sediment on a shoreline.

Tourist Attractions

The Bay of Fundy also has many tourist attractions in Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy Parkway is one of the best places in the province to hike, bike, or travel. The trail runs along the coastline of the bay and offers views of both land and sea. Other popular hiking areas include the West Beach Trail, which offers views of the Atlantic Ocean and the harbor from the shore.

The other main tourist attraction in the Bay of Fundy is the New Brunswick Museum. It houses an extensive collection of antiquities and artifacts from Nova Scotia, Canada, and Europe and a natural history museum. It is also home to many fish species, including a variety of walleye. The aquarium in the museum houses various sea creatures and marine life, including corals, fishes, mollusks and invertebrates. For a more educational experience, visit the New Brunswick Aquarium. There you will find tropical fish and coral life.