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Valle Verzasca of Switzerland

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Verzasca river in the Valle Verzasca in Switzerland

The Valle Verzasca (Volfsa Valle) is a stunning valley in the Locarno area of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. It includes the towns of Moraira, Vialzio, Comino, Mergoscia, Vogorno, Lavertezzo, Brione, and Sonogno. 

As of 2021, there are an estimated 3,300 people living in this valley. The Valle Verzasca has been a tourist attraction since the seventeenth century because of its scenic location, its beautiful views, and its unique character.

The Landscape

The landscape of Valle Verzasca looks like an endless field of yellow-gold sunflowers. To the north are the olive groves, to the south are the spectacular mountain slopes that offer wonderful panoramas.

Nature lovers will enjoy the immense forested mountains and the valleys teeming with wild animals, all within easy reach of the village of Valle Verzasca.

The natural setting is ideal for nature walks, cycling, skiing, hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing. Valle Verzasca has a nice selection of hotels that you can choose from.

Valle Verzasca

The town of Valle Verzasca was a major spa and sauna market in the ancient times. There are many tourist attractions and art galleries in this village.

Valle Verzasca’s calendar is full of festivals that take place throughout the year. These include wine tasting tours, wine tasting parties, folk festivals, traditional dancing and music, art exhibitions, horse riding, boating, mountain biking, and walking.

Montalcino Ligure

You can start your tour in the center of the village and proceed to the Montalcino Ligure, one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals. The Catacombs of Montalcino are open to visitors and are a great way to learn about medieval history.

The Catacombs were made between the 11th and 14th century and contain bones of religious people and animals who were killed during the plague. The church is decorated by frescoes depicting scenes from the crucifixion and last supper. This is also where you can find relics from the village’s rich history.

Valle Verzasca has an old world charm with its cobbled streets and charming houses. It is easy to reach the restaurants, shops and other attractions. 


If you want to sample a new type of cuisine, then try out one of the street restaurants, bakeries or pastry shops. Choose from continental, Italian, Greek or even Middle Eastern foods. This beautiful part of the world has its own style of cooking where ingredients are fresh, local and seasonal.


When you visit Valle Verzasca, it is a must for you to try out all the different wine varieties that are available. The majority of the area produces very good wine, but you may want to try something that is not quite as widely available. You can find sparkling wines, dry wines, and even sparkling wines that are calling dessert wines.

The wine tours in Valle Verzasca also include a great amount of history for those who wish to soak up some history about the town of Valle. If you are planning on staying in one of the local hotels in Velaingo, which happens to be just around the corner from the wine tours in Valle Verzasca, you will enjoy spending your days walking along the hills that surround the town.


When you visit this part of Switzerland, make sure that you take some time to tour all of these wonderful attractions before you decide that you have found the place for you to stay!

Valle Verzasca’s rich history and beautiful scenery are just a few reasons why you should rent a holiday home in this region. Don’t forget to take your camera!